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  1. thing

    • IPA[θɪŋ]



    • n.
      東西;事情; 事件
    • npl.
    • 名詞複數:things

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    • 1. 東西 I haven't got a thing to wear! 我沒衣服穿了! there's not a thing to eat in the house! 屋裡一點吃的也沒有!
    • 2. 事情; 事件 I've got things to do 我有事要做 a difficult thing to do 難處理的事
    • 3. 話語 I said no such thing! 我沒有說過這樣的話! to say the right/wrong thing 說對/說錯話
    • 4. 傢伙 she's a funny, little thing 她是個有趣的小傢伙 old thing 老夥計
    • 5. 想法 to say the first thing that comes into one's head 想到甚麼就說甚麼 to have a thing about sb./sth. 對某人/某事物有好感
    • 6. 興趣 his thing is cooking 他的興趣是烹飪 to do one's (own) thing 做自己愛做的事
    • 7. 怪物 a black, slimy thing 黑乎乎的黏滑怪物


    • 1. 物品 bathing or swimming things 泳裝 family things 家財
    • 2. 用具 gardening/DIY things 園藝用具/自己動手用的工具 wash up the breakfast things! 把早餐餐具給洗了!
    • 3. 形勢; 情況 how are things with you? 你過得怎麼樣? how are things going? 近來怎麼樣?
    • 4. 事物 he's fascinated by things Chinese 他對中國的東西著了迷 things eternal and things temporal 永恆和暫時的事物


    1. an object that one need not, cannot, or does not wish to give a specific name to

    2. personal belongings or clothing

    3. equipment, utensils, or other objects used for a particular purpose

    4. used to express one's feelings of pity, affection, approval, or contempt for a person or animal

    5. an action, event, thought, or utterance

    6. circumstances or matters that are unspecified

    7. an abstract entity, quality, or concept

    8. a situation or activity of a specified type or quality

    9. what is socially acceptable or fashionable

    10. one's special interest or inclination

    11. used to introduce or emphasize an important point

    • thing的名詞複數
    • 事物


    • ph.
      贏得勉強的比賽(或選舉) We just managed to win, but it was a near thing. 我們好不容易才獲勝, 真險哪。
    • ph.
      心照不宣的事 It was quite an understood thing to us at that time. 那在當時對我們來說是件心照不宣之事。
    • ph.
      當然 I have been luckier than a lot of people, sure thing, but that doesn't mean I am satisfied with things as they are. 我一直比很多人幸運, 當然這並不說明我已滿足現狀。 Do you want to come too? sure thing! “你也想來嗎?” “當然了!”
    • ph.
      一早(夜晚最後)(做的事) I always take the dog for a short walk last thing before going to bed. 我總是在晚上就寢以前帶狗去散散步。
    • ph.
      (成敗、生死、做與不做某事等)險些非此即彼, 僥倖的脫險, 千鈞一髮 We just managed to win, but it was a close thing. 我們好不容易才獲勝, 真險哪。 It was really a close thing that he survived the accident. 他在事故中倖存下來, 真是死裡逃生。
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    • n.[C]
      物,東西 I can't see a thing in the dark room. 屋子裡黑漆漆的,我什麼也看不見。
    • 物,東西