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  1. try

    • IPA[traɪ]



    • vt.
    • vi.
    • n.
    • 過去式:tried 過去分詞:tried 現在分詞:trying

    • 名詞複數:tries

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    • 1. 嘗試 I want to try something different for a change 我想嘗試別的事情換換口味 to try doing sth. 嘗試做某事
    • 2. 試用 plan A doesn't work, so we'd better try plan B 計劃A行不通,所以我們應該試用計劃B try it; see if it works 試試這個,看行不行
    • 3. 品嘗; 嘗試 try it to see if it needs more salt 嘗嘗看是否需要再加點兒鹽 I'd love to try skydiving 我想試試特技跳傘
    • 4. 問詢; 去…查詢; 查閱 try Sylvia, she may know 問一下西爾維婭,她也許知道 when I'm stuck, I usually try the encyclopedia 我遇到難題一般會查閱百科全書
    • 5. 考驗 these are times that try men's souls 這都是考驗人們靈魂的時刻 his patience has been sorely tried 他的耐心受到嚴峻考驗
    • 6. 審理; 審訊 to try sb. for sth. 因某事物審訊某人 he was tried for murder/fraud 他因謀殺/詐騙受審


    • 1. 嘗試 to try again 再試試 it's worth trying, you might be lucky 這值得一試,你也許能交好運
    • 2. 詢問 I've tried everywhere, but nobody stocks it 我到處詢問,但沒人有存貨 you could try at the newsagent's 你可以到報亭問問


    • 1. 嘗試 would you like a try? 你想試試嗎? a try at sth./doing sth. 某事/做某事的嘗試
    • 2. 持球觸地得分 to score a try 帶球觸地得分
    • pt
    • try的動詞一般現在時第三人稱單數變化形和名詞複數
    • try的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • 試驗過的,可靠的


    • ph.
      試(衣服等); 試探, 耍弄 Several pairs of shoes were tried on, but none of them were satisfactory. 試了好幾雙鞋, 但沒有一雙令人滿意。 She tried on the dress before she bought it. 她在買那件衣服之前試了試。
    • ph.
      爭取 I don't think I have a particularly good chance of getting the job, but it's surely would be worth trying for. 我認為我得到那個工作的可能性並不大, 但是爭取一下肯定是值得的。
    • ph.
      試驗, 試用; 參加選拔 The scientists tried out thousands of chemicals before they found the kind they needed. 科學家們試驗了幾千種化學藥品, 才發現了他們所需要的那種。 The idea seems fine but we need to try it out in practice. 這個主意似乎很好, 但我們需要在實踐中加以檢驗。
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    • KK[traɪ]
    • DJ[trai]


    • vt.
      試圖;努力[+to-v] We'll try to improve our teaching methods. 我們要設法改進教學方法。
    • vi.
      試圖;努力;試驗;嘗試 Try and eat a little. 試著吃一點吧!
    • n.[C]
      嘗試;努力 Who'd like to have a try at it? 誰想試試?
    • 嘗試,試驗,審理,審判試,嘗試,試驗,考驗,審問,提煉嘗試,試圖