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  1. wad

    • IPA[wɒd]


    • n.
      a mass or lump of a soft material, used for padding, stuffing, or wiping;a portion of tobacco or another narcotic when used for chewing
    • v.
      compress (a soft material) into a lump or mass;line or stuff with wadding
    • verb: wad, 3rd person present: wads, gerund or present participle: wadding, past tense: wadded, past participle: wadded

    • noun: wad, plural noun: wads

    • 釋義
    • 片語



    • 1. compress (a soft material) into a lump or mass wad the strips over and over so that they ball up I removed the name tag and promptly wadded it up
    • 2. line or stuff with wadding the quilts are wadded with thick natural cotton
    • stop up (an aperture) with a lump of soft material.