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  1. fill

    • IPA[fɪl]



    • vt.
    • vi.
    • 過去式:filled 過去分詞:filled 現在分詞:filling

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    • 1. 裝滿 to fill a box with books 把盒子裝滿書 to fill sb. a bucket of water 幫某人裝滿一桶水
    • 2. 填補 to fill a cavity 填補齲洞 to fill a hole in the wall 修補牆上的一個洞
    • 3. 充滿 a church filled with flowers 擺滿鮮花的教堂 the theatre is filled to capacity 劇院座無虛席
    • 4. 布滿 the smell of garlic filled the house 房子裡瀰漫著大蒜的氣味 smoke filled the air 空氣中煙霧瀰漫
    • 5. 耗去 to fill (the or one's) time doing sth. 做某事打發時間
    • 6. 滿足; 填補 that fills the bill 那正合適
    • 7. 鼓起
    • 8. 填充 to fill a turkey with stuffing 給火雞填入餡料
    • 9. 派人擔任; 充任 the vacancy has been filled 那個空缺已有人接任
    • 10. 按…供應 the waiter went to fill the order 侍者去上菜了 the chemist was unable to fill the prescription 藥劑師無法按處方配藥
    • 11. fill up


    • 1. 變滿 the bath takes three minutes to fill 浴缸蓄滿水需要3分鐘 the theatre began to fill 劇院開始滿座
    • 2. 布滿 to fill with smoke 布滿煙霧
    • 3. 鼓起


    1. cause (a space or container) to become full or almost full

    2. become an overwhelming presence in; pervade

    3. hold and perform the expected duties of (a post or role)

    4. satisfy or fulfil (a want or need)


    「1. cause (a space or container) to become full or almost full」的反義字

    • n.
      補牙填料 to have a filling (done) 補牙
    • adj.
    • comb.
      充滿…的 feather-filled pillows 羽毛枕頭 tear-filled eyes 淚眼
    • n.
    • fill的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • 填充


    • 充填物,填料,填土


    • ph.
      裝滿, 填滿 The channel of the river filled up with mud. 河道被淤泥塞滿。 The gutter has filled up with mud. 溝槽裡都是泥。
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    • KK[fɪl]
    • DJ[fil]


    • vt.
      裝滿;填滿;使充滿[(+with)] When I had read it I was filled with horror. 我讀完它之後,心裡充滿了恐怖。 He filled my glass with beer. 他給我的杯子斟滿了啤酒。
    • vi.
      被充滿;鼓脹 Her eyes filled with tears. 她熱淚盈眶。
    • n.
      填滿的量[(+of)] Would you like a fill of my tobacco? 你想不想抽一斗我的菸?
    • 填充,彌漫,供給,滿足,供應充滿滿足,裝滿,充分,填方填充,裝滿