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  1. find

    • IPA[faɪnd]



    • vt.
      偶然發現;找到; 站穩腳跟
    • vi.
    • n.
      發現物; 人才
    • 過去式:found 過去分詞:found 現在分詞:finding

    • 名詞複數:finds

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. 偶然發現 I didn't expect to find you here! 我沒想到會在這裡碰到你! he found an umbrella in the car park 他在停車場撿到一把雨傘
    • 2. 找到; 站穩腳跟 she found his glasses for him 她幫他找到了眼鏡 to find one's or the way 找到正確的路
    • 3. 求得; 鼓起 you'll have to find a new secretary 你得找個新秘書 to find room for sth. 找地方安置某物
    • 4. 見到…的存在 tigers are found in Asia 亞洲有老虎 the portrait is to be found in the Louvre 這幅肖像畫可在盧浮宮見到
    • 5. 發覺 to find sb./sth. (to be) sth. 覺得某人/某事物(是)如何 he finds her difficult to get on with 他覺得她很難相處
    • 6. 感受到 to find sth. (in sth./doing sth.) (在某事/做某事中)感受到某事 she found comfort in prayer 她在祈禱中找到了慰藉
    • 7. 達到 to find its mark or target 擊中目標 water finds its (own) level 水往低處流
    • 8. 發現…處於某狀態 Friday evening found him lying drunk on the floor 星期五晚上他醉臥於地板上 to find sb. in a good/bad mood 發現某人心情不錯/心情不好
    • 9. 裁決 to find sb. guilty/not guilty 裁決某人有罪/無罪


    • 1. 裁決 to find for/against sb. 作出有利於/不利於某人的裁決


    • 1. 發現物; 人才 an important archaeological find 一項重要的考古發現 to make a find 淘到一件寶物


    1. discover or perceive by chance or unexpectedly

    2. discover after a deliberate search

    3. succeed in obtaining (something)

    4. summon up (a quality, especially courage) with an effort

    5. identify (something) as being present

    6. ascertain by study, calculation, or inquiry

    7. experience or regard (something) in a specified way

    8. (of a court) officially declare to be the case


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