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  1. stick



    • vt.
    • vi.
    • 過去式:stuck 過去分詞:stuck 現在分詞:sticking

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    • 1. 粘貼 she stuck a stamp on the letter 她把一張郵票貼在信封上 you'll have to stick the broken plate with some superglue 你得用強力膠把破了的盤子粘起來
    • 2. 把…插入 the nurse stuck the needle into my arm 護士把針扎進我的胳膊 don’t stick your fingers through the bars of the cage 不要把手指伸進籠子
    • 3. 插牢 to stick the balls of wool on knitting needles 把毛線團插在編結針上
    • 4. a board stuck with pins 扎著大頭針的木板
    • 5. 放置 to stick one's head out the window 把頭探出窗戶 he stuck his hands in his pockets/the pencil behind his ear 他把手揣在口袋裡/把鉛筆夾在耳後
    • 6. 列出 why don't you stick an advert in the paper? 你幹嗎不在報上登個廣告呢? to stick the drinks on sb.'s bill 把酒水記到某人的賬上
    • 7. 使前往 I gave her some money and stuck her on a train back home 我給了她一些錢,把她弄上了回家的火車
    • 8. 容忍 he can’t stick living with his parents 他不能忍受和父母住在一起 I can't stick it any longer 我再也受不了了


    • 1. 被粘住 this stamp won't stick! 這張郵票粘不住! her wet clothes were sticking to her body 濕衣服貼在她身上
    • 2. 被插入 the needle stuck in my finger 針扎進了我的手指 there was a post sticking into the ground beside her 她身邊的地上豎著一根立柱
    • 3. 有黏性 this glue sticks very well 這種膠水黏性很強
    • 4. 卡住 he drove into a bog, where his wheels stuck fast 他把車開進了泥地裡,車輪陷得死死的 the key had stuck in the lock 鑰匙卡在了鎖裡
    • 5. 保持不變 he had lost a lot of weight, but had stuck at 15 stone 他減去了很多體重,但減到15英石時就減不下去了
    • 6. 經久難忘 to stick in sb.'s mind or memory 銘記在某人心中
    • 7. 繼續有效 the police didn't have enough evidence and couldn't make the charges stick 警察沒有足夠的證據,無法證明那些指控成立
    • 8. 仍在使用 they called him ‘Snoopy’ at school, and the name stuck 有人在學校叫他“史努比”,後來這名字就叫開了
    • 9. 長久保留 he started smoking when he was fifteen, and the habit stuck 他15歲時開始抽煙,這一習慣已經無法戒掉了
    • 10. 不再要牌


    1. push a sharp or pointed object into or through (something)

    2. stab or pierce with a sharp object

    3. protrude or extend in a certain direction

    4. put somewhere, typically in a quick or careless way

    5. adhere or cling to something

    6. fasten or cause to adhere to something

    7. be or become convincing, established, or regarded as valid

    8. be or become fixed or jammed as a result of an obstruction

    9. accept or tolerate (an unpleasant or unwelcome person or situation)


    「1. adhere or cling to something」的反義字

    • pt, pp
    • stick的名詞複數
    • stick的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • ph.
      (用膠水、糨糊等)粘住(封套、信封口等) stick down (the flap of) an envelope 粘住信封(的口蓋)
    • ph.
      忠於 They vowed to stick by one another no matter what happened. 他們立誓生死與共。 Her husband stuck by her in good times and bad. 無論境遇好壞她的丈夫都對她忠貞不渝。
    • ph.
      突出 The branch was sticking up out of the water. 這樹枝伸出在水面。
    • ph.
      【口】(指人)彼此忠誠友好, 團結一致 If we keep calm and stick together, we'll be all right. 我們保持鎮定、同心協力就沒有問題。
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    • IPA[stɪk]



    • n.
      枝條 a dry stick 枯枝 her arms were like sticks 她的雙臂骨瘦如柴
    • KK[stɪk]
    • DJ[stik]


    • n.
    • vt.
    • vi.
      黏住;釘住 This stamp won't stick. 這張郵票貼不上。