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  1. touch

    • IPA[tʌtʃ]



    • vt.
      觸碰;吃; 喝; 動用
    • vi.
      觸碰;接觸; 接壤
    • n.
    • 過去式:touched 過去分詞:touched 現在分詞:touching

    • 名詞複數:touches

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    • 相關詞
    • 片語


    • 1. 觸碰 don't let the wires touch each other! 不要讓兩根電線相碰! ‘not to be touched’ “不可觸摸”
    • 2. 吃; 喝; 動用 you've hardly touched your food 你幾乎沒吃東西啊 I never touch cigarettes/drugs 我從不抽煙/碰毒品
    • 3. 打動 to touch sb./sth. with sth. 用某事物打動某人/某物 his death touched our hearts 他的死令我們感到悲痛
    • 4. 傷害 you've touched me on a tender spot 你觸到了我的痛處
    • 5. 從事 to touch sth. illegal 染指非法勾當 everything she touches turns to disaster 甚麼事她一插手就會搞砸
    • 6. 對…起作用 the police can't touch me 警方拿我沒辦法 water wouldn't touch the grass stains 水洗不掉草漬
    • 7. 與…媲美; 比得上 there's nothing to touch mountain air for giving you an appetite 沒有甚麼能像山上的空氣那樣讓你胃口大開 nobody can touch him as an opening batsman 作為首發擊球手,無人能與他相比
    • 8. 達到


    • 1. 觸碰 keep your hands to yourself and don't touch! 管好你的手,不要亂碰! ‘do not touch’ “請勿觸摸”
    • 2. 接觸; 接壤 their hands touched 他們的手碰在了一起


    • 1. 觸摸 a light/delicate/gentle touch 輕輕/小心/輕柔的觸摸 I felt a touch on my shoulder 我感覺有人碰了一下我的肩膀
    • 2. 觸覺 a highly developed sense of touch 高度發達的觸覺 to read Braille by touch 通過觸摸讀布萊葉盲文
    • 3. 聯繫 to maintain close touch 保持密切聯繫 to be in touch with sb. 與某人有接觸
    • 4. 感覺 the surface has a smooth, slippery touch 表面摸上去平順滑溜 I felt the soft touch of her dress as she passed 當她走過時,我感覺到她的連衣裙很柔軟
    • 5. 潤色; 修飾 the portrait still needs a few touches to finish it off 肖像畫還需要修幾筆才可以完成 a humorous/clever touch 幽默的筆觸/靈巧的一筆
    • 6. 些許 a touch of sarcasm/colour/garlic 一絲諷刺/一抹顏色/一點大蒜 to have a touch of flu/the sun 染上輕度流感/輕微中暑
    • 7. 風格 a feminine touch 女性氣息 the touch of a master, the master's touch 大師風範
    • 8. 才能 the touch of genius 天賦的才能 to lose/find one's touch 失去/找回平日的技能
    • 9. 邊線外區域 to kick the ball into touch 把球踢出邊線 the idea was kicked firmly into touch by the authorities 這個意見被當局束之高閣


    1. come into or be in contact with

    2. bring one's hand or another part of one's body into contact with

    3. handle in order to interfere with, alter, or otherwise affect

    4. consume or use (food, drink, money, etc.)

    5. affect or concern

    6. have any dealings with

    7. produce feelings of affection, gratitude, or sympathy in

    8. reach (a specified level or amount)

    9. be comparable to in quality or excellence

    10. ask someone for (money or some other commodity) as a loan or gift

    11. an act of touching someone or something

    12. the faculty of perception through physical contact, especially with the fingers

    13. a light stroke with a pen, pencil, etc.

    14. a small amount; a trace

    15. a small distinctive detail or feature

    16. a distinctive manner or method of dealing with something


    「1. consume or use (food, drink, money, etc.)」的反義字

    • adj.
      受感動的 to be touched by sth. 因…而感動 to be touched to hear/receive ... 因聽到/收到…而感動
    • adj.
      感人的 he shows a touching faith in his own ability 他對自己能力的自信令人動容
    • adj.
      動人的,感人的;令人同情的 a touching story 一個動人的故事
    • prep.
    • adj.
      精神失常的 We always thought that Uncle George was a little touched. 我們總認為喬治叔叔有一點瘋狂。
    • touch的名詞複數
    • 精神失常的,稍為精神不正常的,受感動的


    • 觸摸動人的,悲慘的


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    • vt.
    • vi.
      接觸,碰到 They sat so close that their heads nearly touched. 他們坐得那麼近,頭都差不多碰到一起了。
    • n.
    • 觸覺,接觸,碰,觸,機靈,輕觸,格調,少許,缺點,彈力接觸,觸摸,觸及