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  1. tape

    • IPA[teɪp]



    • n.
    • vt.
      用帶子捆; 用膠帶封;把…錄到磁帶上
    • 過去式:taped 過去分詞:taped 現在分詞:taping

    • 名詞複數:tapes

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    • 同反義
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    • 1. 帶子 decorative/medical tape 裝飾帶/醫用膠帶 a name tape 姓名標籤
    • 2. 膠帶 adhesive or 膠帶 a roll/strip of tape 一捲/一條膠帶
    • 3. 終點線; 彩帶; 警示帶 the prime minister cut the tape to open the new road 首相為新公路的開通剪綵 the winner reached the tape 獲勝者衝線了
    • 4. 紙帶
    • 5. 錄音帶; 錄像帶; 磁帶 to have sth. on tape 在磁帶上錄有某物 to put sth. on tape 把某物錄到磁帶上
    • 6. 錄製物 to make a tape (of sth.) (給某物)製作錄音帶


    • 1. 用帶子捆; 用膠帶封 to tape sth. up or together 用帶子把某物捆起來 to tape sth. up with sth. 用某物將某物捆起來
    • 2. 把…錄到磁帶上 a taped interview 採訪錄音 he taped the concert from or off the radio broadcast 他從廣播中錄下了音樂會


    1. a narrow strip of material, typically used to hold or fasten something

    2. a strip of paper or plastic coated with adhesive and sold in a roll, used to stick things together

    3. a cassette or reel containing magnetic tape for recording

    4. record (sound or pictures) on audio or video tape

    5. fasten or attach (something) with adhesive tape

    6. seal or mark off an area or thing with tape

    • tape的動詞現在分詞、動名詞
    • tape的名詞複數
    • tape的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • 膠紙帶


    • 錄音


    • 錄音的


    • ph.
      繁文縟節, 官樣文章, 拖拉費時的繁瑣手續等 Poor people have to suffer a lot of red tape to get welfare. 窮人必須忍受一大堆繁瑣的手續才能申請到社會福利。 Red tape has delayed the progress of our program. 官僚作風延遲了我們計劃的進展。
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    • 更多解釋
    • KK[tep]
    • DJ[teip]


    • n.
      帶子,線帶;狹布條[C][U] Please tie the package with tape. 請把這包裹用帶子紮起來。
    • vt.
      用帶子捆紮;用膠布把……黏牢[(+up)] I taped a label on the box. 我用膠布把一個標籤黏貼在盒子上。
    • vi.
    • 錄音帶,磁帶,帶子,窄帶,卷尺以帶子綁起,測量,錄音